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Chester has been the home of Tactical Solutions for more than 15 years.
As one of the most successful field sales and marketing agencies in the UK, we work with a selection of the world’s biggest brands in the retail and FMCG sectors. Our experience has allowed us to continue to deliver outstanding results for our clients' through field sales, data insight and brand engagement.
As an innovative and forward thinking agency, we are continuously developing new ways to drive brand sales and ROI for our clients' in store. Our most recent development is our bespoke TSEye software which uses live store data, allowing us to actively see in real time how a clients' products are performing at both store and SKU level. This has resulted in allowing our retail experts to make the most informed and intelligent decisions on the shop floor. If you want to hear more about our latest technology, please click here.

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There’s no such thing as a typical service as each and every one of our clients' needs are different. From prioritising your product presence and availability, to experiential demonstrations and retail audits, we can ensure that your product makes an impact in stores, ultimately driving ROI for your brand.

Sales Support

Maximising the profitability and ROI in store, by having the right people in front of decision makers.

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Ensuring a quick response at this crucial time to remove your recalled products whilst following the correct procedures in store.

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Driving customer engagement for your brand, by implementing on and off shelf POS and creating an additional purchasing point in store with FSDU’s.

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Making interventions at store level, to ensure your products have strong brand presence and are driving incremental sales.

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How We Do It

Our overall focus is to improve sales, accessibility and visibility for our clients’ products on the shop floor, across all sectors from food & drink, clothing to DIY.

The final touch

We prioritise your product presence, availability, distribution and promotions in a way that incrementally drives ROI for your brand, influencing key decision makers and making an impact through systematic interventions.

It's all about relationships

So, whether you’re launching NPD, implementing POS or driving SKU availability we have a team to fit your needs. And because our teams are in stores week in, week out they have the store relationship to make the difference to your brand.

Software allowing us to understand you

Because we strive to help brands succeed, our innovative software allows us to analyse live store EPOS data and highlight stores which may be under-performing. This results in the right stores being visited allowing you to receive a strong ROI and prevent lost sales.

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